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The design trip is the product of LOCUS RAGS. It is the perfect combination of technical skills and creativity. We work tandem to provide our respectable clients the best and highly professional graphic and web design Services. Our Company is based all over the world with a large network of national and international clients. We have a group of talented team members who can satisfy by providing the best and quality product which will be equivalent to the investment done by you. We have different types of services which include graphic design; branding, web designing and printing, logo design, marketing services and our products are full of creativity and innovation which is really liked by our clients. We are the perfect blend of creativity, strategy, distinctness, artistic and highly dedicated towards work. We provide customized solutions to our respectable clients which is our forte. We have latest technology to use which helps us to provide the satisfying products. We are the best in our business and try to become more useful, satisfying and productive for our respectable clients.


There are different types of services which we provide:

  • Logo and branding: The design trip provides the best logo design services around the world. We understand the role of a logo in a company and work by that priority. We do not skip any type of important point in creating the logo of a company because for creating logo is not giving company a symbol. We provide the true essence of the value and culture of that company.
  • Graphic design services: The design trip is one of the best graphic designer companies in the world.  We merged layout, colour modes and narrative to describe an story which is effective and become a very important part of academics, campaigns run for businesses, political, statistical, technical, scientist and writers. This will enhance the performance of all of these areas which is really useful for the companies to run their business. We know the importance of graphic design in a company so, we work on individual products element, complete identity, complete brand and we also provide packaging to develop the visual expression and good intentions of the company which they want to represent in the market.   
  • Product photography: The design trip is the specialized name for the product of white background photography for your website, market place, online store, print and many more. You just need to ship your product to anyone of our studio and then the shoot will be done by our team and will be edited by them. We have spent decades over perfecting our services and process to make it is simple for us irrespective of your location. The product photography is a very important part of the company because if the display of the company will be goo and presentable then it increases its chances of sale of that product.
  • Web Design: The designing in the design trip has no limit. A good design does not consist of defining the looks and presentation but the working of the design is also important. The design trip has created thousands of designs of apps/web successfully. We also create platforms for mobile/smart phone in a very unique and different manner which will be appealing and satisfying for our esteemed clients. This encourages us while handling of your projects, irrespective of your needs and industry. Our motto is not just to create your project but we help you with various types of design like design, development, maintenance, deployment and strategy.
  • UI/UX design services: The design trip also provides you one of the best service providers of UI/UX. Once you choose our UI/UX services you do not need to worry about the quality of the product you will receive. You will get to know about the ideology on which we work while creating UI/UX services. We have experience of several years in this field. Our UI/UX design will include mobile application UX and UI design services, UI and UX consulting service, AR experience design, cross-platform design experience, workshops design, web design services, etc.  We strictly follow the existing standards for design, guidelines, workflow and we ensure that you will receive the perfect and best product as per your requirements.
  • Stationary design services:The design trip provides the stationary design services which helps in creating opportunities of corporate branding which are lacks in the digital communications. We get so many appreciations from our customer and business associates because of the quality service which we provide to our customers. We also connect the tangible objects which your company bears like logo and marketing message in a manner that the graphics of the computer cannot match. That is why smart businesses want to continue investment in these types of services and which makes them rely on us because of our quality service.  



The design trip is the best company which provides the best quality services and product to our clients. We don’t need to tell about the quality of the product to general public, potential or existed clients about the quality of the product because our products speaks about their quality which made us the best graphic design and UI/UX designing company.



The design trip has the policy of customer first in which we keep our customers on the priority list and bound to deliver the results on time. We have a professional kind of approach for all the products produced by us. We always follow the latest trends set on the global standards while designing the technology. The very important thing which we always give priority to is that we focus on how we can improve ourselves and how we can satisfy our clients in best and efficient manner.



The design trip mission is to understand the needs thoroughly and getting the main reason for that particular requirement and fulfilling them in a very effective and efficient way. We think that any company will grow with the usage of the latest technology to manufacture the product, so we keep out team fully equipped by the trending and latest equipments to design our client’s product and to provide them best of our services. Our team is a group of excellence, so we always keep our main focus on innovation and uniqueness.



The design trip is a very creative and innovative company. Some people say that we are mad, yes we actually are because we give all our min, time, tool, techniques and experience to produce the product and satisfy our customers. We will the best experience of awesome designs you have ever experienced. We work on highly strong foundation which includes trust, knowledge of experts and with the help of the combination of these two, you will definitely experience fantastic results. For us, work is not just to earn money, work is to take you to the experience of the best designing canvases produced by us which will definitely going to amaze you in every way


Why to choose us?

  • We give best graphic and web designing services
  • We develop extraordinary UI/UX designs
  • We have vast variety of designs like logo, graphics, stationary, branding, etc.   
  • We are fully loaded with latest and trending techniques
  • We focuses on customer satisfaction





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