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BTHAWK is one of the products of  LOCUS RAGS which provide financial accounting solution software tool. It is one of the best software for GST and all accounting in India. By this software, we provide the most innovative and easy to use tool which will make your accounting work simple. This is a multi-tasking app which will do your accounting related work beginning from purchase to sale invoice till GST return/all complete accounting. Electronic invoicing has changed the world of accounting as a whole. It has proved itself to be a game-changing tool for all types of businesses whether it is small or larger doesn’t matter. The main motto of electronic invoicing is to promote the paperless accounting. At BTHWAK, we provide you customised invoice software solutions and resolve the entire invoice related task. BTHAWK is filled with the features starting from product management to calculating and printing presentable invoices for your customers. Besides all this amazing features, the data which is filled by the users will be recorded in the application history and can be edited as per the requirement.

Our vision:

Our vision is to give you a unique most innovative invoicing software system. We also provide our respected clients with great solutions of distribution. Our vision is to bring down your accounts related stress which will eventually make you feel happy while doing entries of any business related activity like purchase or sales.

Our Goals:

Believing in the professional standards at various types of costs and adjust with all the norms in respect to GST invoice software. This will create transparency in all our dealings and transactions. Our goal is to provide the easiest way of recording the transactions and make accounting comfortable for all types of businesses.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to use the trending technologies in the industry of invoicing to provide correct and precise chaos free solutions. We are also working with a mission of making BTHAWK as India’s best software for GST. We want to provide you the best billing software for your business.

Key features:

  1. Invoice generation: The key feature of BTHAWK is to manage and organize the accumulated cost. The need of the invoice generation system is fulfilled by BTHAWK which provides you the genuine figures and facts related to business.
  2. Stock management: At BTHAWK, we know about the inextricability of the stock management and how important it is to manage carefully and control of stock with full efficiency.
  3. Sales tracking: sales tracking is also a feature of BTHAWK which provides you the freedom to track the sales activity done in the business.
  4. GST compliance: The primary aim of the BTHAWK is to provide you with the automatic and comprehensive with safe and secured infrastructure. 
  5. DSR management: This is one of the features of BTHAWK which helps in gaining highest effectiveness and streamlining the sales recording process in our fist most priority.
  6. Receipt generation: in BTHAWK the generation of receipts is easy, simple, and clean. Performed in highly professional manner.
  7. Collection management: BTHWAK is the best collection management company which comprises collection, billing and contacting programs.
  8. Collection reporting: our software works really fast which will give you timely and on spot reporting. We also provide you with perfect time management.


  • Complete Sales Tracking: this feature is highly important in BTHAWK which you will receive after the installation of this application. This application provides freedom to you to trace you whole sales. You will be given an option to look into the information of the seller and the amount of sales done by the user.
  • Graphical Presentation: BTHAWK is comprised with one of the remarkable feature. We provide you the facility of presenting you whole data with eye-catchy graphics. The option is given to the user to see the information provided by the in the pie charts, graphs and other type of graphics.
  • Product Management: it is the best feature installed in the BTHAWK application. It gives user a facility to manage the details of the product as per their choice. Besides this, you can also amend the details of the product as per your needs and changes done by the user if any. All of the information will be recorded in BTHAWK application.
  • Real time Inventory Management: BTHAWK ensures that you receive appropriate and sufficient inventory. This is the best executed for any distributer of E-Commerce. BTHAWK is will help you in managing and recoding the purchase, sales and Purchase Return information of all distributors.
  • GST Calculation: GST is the form of indirect tax slab which replaces various types of taxes applied in India. It means Goods and Service Tax which is very useful for India. BTHAWK provides you to calculate the sales and purchase GST performed by each and every distributer.
  • Retailer and FOS Management: The building block of any business is good management. BTHAWK is a financial accounting solution software tool which will help you in managing the FSC details of each and every retailer. We also record the details of every bill which is generated by all the retailers and FOS. They can also create the credited bill, cash or cheque and also the management of dates of submission of their amount. IT also record the stock of sell and purchase of FSC. 

How to start with BTHAWK application:-

  1. Login with your credentials of BTHAWK

Utilize you registered mobile number at BTHAWK or email ID to log into the application.

  1. Stock Request and Fill Sale detail.

Stock request and approval of the request from the admin and then press the sale button. Search for the retailer party and fill in all the details related to sale.

  1. Make invoice easy by few calculations

Choose the mode of payment and fill in all the information asked and the click ‘OK’ button, invoice will be generated. You can share this invoice on whatsapp and email as per your suitability. 

Why you will choose us:-

  1. We provide the best financial accounting solution software tool
  2. It is very easy and simple to use
  3. 3 steps needed to get started
  4. 24x7 availability
  5. Tutorial will be provided


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